O. K. Luther Barn 2014

Before it was moved OKL N 41 24.353

W 099 40.48

Where it stands now OKL2 N 41 23.987

W 099 36.810

O. K. Luther Barn


In 1889 Omer Kem Luther was born. When Omer was two his mother, brother, his mothers sister and his father-in-Barn Nebrlaw—The Ruckle Family—died in a terrible bout of Dysentery. Before 1895 the state used the land the barn was on for school land. Omer leased the school land for a nominal sum. Later in 1896 Omer remarried to Mary Jane Phelps. By the age of 16 Omer was an experienced pioneer. At the age of 17 Omer married Bertha Reynolds. In 1911, Omer filed under the Kincaid Act for lands on the Goose Creek in the Sandhills. Later in 1916, he moved back to Mason city, with his new family enlarged by two children, and purchased lands near his fathers family. 1918 a second son, Gerald, was born. After a few years he moved to Broken Bow in 1923.

O. K. Luther Barn finished
O. K. Luther Barn finished

Late 1930s, he started into the gravel business. Seven years later he started to supply gravel for Kingsley Dam at Ogallala.Omer bought the ranch from Weisenreder in 1940. It was also were the Broken Bow rodeo was held until later when they moved it to the Fairgrounds. Parcels were added in subsequent years. In 1941 there was a barn on the land that was used for pigs and sheep. Frank Weisenreder died in 1942. The original barn was torn down and the main barn was built around 1945 and it was used for horses. Omer Luthers new barn was huge, but what made it stand out to people was that his name was painted on the side of the barn in gigantic letters. Omer would use every means he could to put his name in front of the public, according to Kem Luther, Omer’s son.

After World War II Omer married Billie Enid Rodabaugh of Thedford, Nebraska. Omer and Billie gravelbininnebraskaabt1965had one son, Kem Luther in 1946. Omer Kem Luther was long past the usual years of retirement but he continued to be active in business and family matters. It was until he was passed ninety it wasn’t unusual to see O.K. driving around town on business or errands. It wasn’t until the last few years medical problems confined his activities to a smaller place. But he continued to read the newspaper each day and take an interest in national and local affairs. After Omer passed away in 1989, his family kept the house and two acres, 1200 acres were sold to different people but Roy Yanagida bought most if it including the parcel with the barn.


In 2005-2007 the barn was in the process of being moved to Highway 2. It will be moved to the east side Broken Bow of Custer Country Implement on Highway 2. 2014,it’s now moved to the new location and is now remodeled and soon will be opening up for tourists. Omer Luther oil company with Omer and son GeraldIMG_0006

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