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The Luther Barn 1880- Brought to Custer County

1889- Omer Kem Luther (O.K.) was born

1892- O.K was only two when his mother, new brother, his mothers sister and his father-in-law (the whole Ruckle family) died in a tragic bout of dysentery

1896- O.K’s father remarried

1906- O.K. was an experienced pioneer farmer at the age of 16

1907- O.K. married Bertha Reynolds at the age of 17

1923- he moved to Broken Bow

1940?s- Headquarters of the Broken Bow rodeo was held at the O.K. ranch

1941- O.K Luther bought the land west of Broken Bow

1945- Big main barn was built

1989- O.K Luther passed away he was 98 years old

1990- O.K Luther’s ranch was sold at an auction

Circa 1991- The Golf Course stored some of their things in the barn

2005-2007- Barn is in progress of being moved