Schreyer Shootout

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Historical Marker Picture: This is the inscriptions on the grave.

The First settler of Custer county finds land and later trouble brewing for a bad ending. Probably the first settler located between Arnold and Callaway was Fredrick Schreyer. He came in June 1875, with a large family. He settled about four miles northwest of Callaway.

Mr. Schreyer got into trouble with a few cowboys who attempted to drive him out of the area. Schreyer could take a practical joke from the cowboys; he earnestly accepted everything they did to torment him. However, a practical joke could go to far. The cowboys attempted to stampede a herd of cattle over the roof of his dugout and through his watermelon patch. He did not see the point of the joke. When J.D. Haskell and the writer went to repair a corral, they had to cross the river at Schreyer’s ford. Schreyer claimed that anyone that crossed without permission would be shot. When they crossed in the morning they saw nothing of him. During the day, he sent word saying if they crossed on the way back, he would shoot them. When J.D. Haskell and the writer were on their way back, they thought they would just quickly pass, but Schreyer and his son were shooting at them as they went by. Schreyer and his son were arrested, but young Schreyer escaped. Later, he was caught and taken back to Custer County. They were put into Plum Creek jail. They were tried and sentenced to serve a term in jail by Judge Gaslin. They served out their term and returned home by the next winter. That is a summary of the paragraph in the “Pioneer History of Custer County.” by S.D. Butcher.

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