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Mapquest of Logan: This is a map of how to get to Logan, NE.

Logan County Named After A Ghost town? TOOT! TOOT! Sounds the last train as it goes through Logan, Nebraska in 1968. Logan was a small railroad town that flourished between Arnold and Gandy. The town is now in ruins, but a few building can still been seen. It is located five miles west and three miles north of Arnold. The town had a population of 150 in 1955, and was the county seed at the time. However after the railroad left the area, the town went to ruins. Logan did not have a gym, only a one-room schoolhouse. They did play football, soccer, track, and baseball and because the town did not have a gym they did not play basketball inside. Some of the residents that were there in 1955 were Victoria Ellis, Herald Moore, Sue Beck, and Moe Sanford (who is the only one who currently resides in Arnold, Nebraska). Because of the small population, not very many cars were ever seen in Logan most of the cars that were there were from visitors or people from out of town. There weren?t a lot of buildings in Logan, but there are a few still standing such as a sale barn, oil bins, and a few more that are undistinguishable along with a pile of rubble. I do not know what the types of businesses existed in Logan. But if I were to assume, I would guess that there was a grocery store, church, and a local sale barn and a few houses. Even though this town is now in ruins, it is a good place to look back on and see how the town fell, and what caused it. So take a peek back in history and travel the eight miles to see the late Logan, Nebraska.

By: Thomas Derr – student at Arnold Public Schools

Logan Barn:

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Logan Foundation: Foundation of the school building.