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Why you should visit Etna.

Etna was a very small community that was formed around the late 1900?s. It started out with just a post office. But then it evolved into so much more. They were a very active community, they had everything from a church, general store, and a school. In 1920, they started a baseball team and traveled around the area to play against other teams. But as the years moved on the community fell apart and is no longer there.

Etna Baseball Team:

Latitude: N 41.08 Longitude : W 100.09

Etna Map 1:

Why you should visit this page.

If you would like to learn about a strong community that may not have been very big, but it still held up to the what is needed to keep a community growing. This is why you should visit will help you learn about what the community did to hold together and how it feel apart. It will also show you where this community of Etna was located and how to get there.

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