Mills Homestead Homepage

Mills Homestead Homepage

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Why People Should Visit The Mills Homestead Place

The First Homesteaders

Mills Homestead

Latitude: N  41.47627

Longitude: W  100.22851

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 If your a Mills then this is the webpage for you!  This is about the beginning  of our lives in Nebraska.  If you are not a Mills, but still interested in history  this is a great way to learn about one of the first people to settle in Arnold,  Nebraska.

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Have you ever thought about who were the first settlers in Arnold, Nebraska?  Back in May of 1883, “A colony of Lincolnites had arrived here and filed on all the tillable land and some we hear that is not tillable,” quoted a reporter from the South Loup.  This included the Mills, Houghton, Needham, English and Conant families.  They all had arrived from their journey from Lancaster County.  These few groups of families were the beginning of Arnold, Nebraska.

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This is a map that can help you find your way to the original homestead of the Mills Family.

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