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Time Line

February 10, 1860- Christian Helmuth was born in Olberlauerengen, Bavaria, Germany.

May 4, 1889- Christian Helmuth married Barbara Schneider.                              George and Lydia Helmuth

May 20, 1862 – Helmuth Homestead became a Homestead.                Lydia.jpg:

December 12, 1892- George C. Helmuth was born to Christian and Barbara.

October 1925- George Helmuth married Lydia in Broken Bow Nebraska.

January 31, 1927- Eva was born to George and Lydia.

1928 – George moved back to the Homestead.

1929 – The stock market crashed.

April 6, 1930 – Paul (Bub) Helmuth was born to George and Lydia.

1934 -Terrible drought caused George to sell off his livestock.

1949- George committed suicide and the Homestead was sold

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