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This is a picture of Fred
This is a picture of Fred

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Beshaler Farms-100 years on the south loup

In the year 1886 John Beshaler married, moved to Custer County, Ne, and had 7 children, four of these children were boys that would carry on the Beshaler name for a little longer. One of his sons, Phillip was killed in an auto accident. Another of his sons, Harry, drowned at the age of 4. And yet another of his sons, Ben disowned the family and changed the spelling of his name. While John was on a visit to his home Country of Luxembourg John became ill and died. His wife Gene made two attempts to get John’s money back from his family in Luxembourg, but returned both times, penniless, to raise the children.
John’s oldest son, Ferdinand (Fred) stayed in Custer County and began his own very productive life. Fred started Beshaler Farms and Beshaler Gravel and trucking, two businesses that are still run today by Rick and John Beshaler. When the sod house that used to be Fred and his family’s dwelling place, was no longer suitable for living, Fred moved his wife, Dora and children, Charles and Pat into a chicken shed while the new house was built. His family then moved to the new house and all was normal for a while until Ferdinand was killed when his truck was caught under a semi trailer.
Fred’s son, Charles (Bud, Bapa) then took control of both Beshaler Farms, and Beshaler Gravel and trucking. Charles was an excellent outdoorsman and outfitter; he oversaw the largest period of expansion and growth in the farms history. Under Charles the farm grew to over 10,000 acres and became very productive. In the year 1952 Charles married Sue Gross (Ellen, Mo) and had eight children, Rick, John, Gene, Joan, Ann, Mary, Liz, and Michael. Under Charles the farm and family grew in wealth. Along with putting the farm and gravel companies in good places, Charles also started leasing some of his land for hunting and fishing, the hunting reserve now attracts hunters and sponsors from all over the nation. Charles suffered a stroke in the year 1999 and Died in 2006 after falling off of a roof in down town Arnold.
Charles’s first son Richard, my father, is now the owner of Beshaler Gravel and Trucking. Rick Graduated from Arnold High School in 1971, already married and with his oldest son, Dallas, and took over the Gravel business, also working hauling grain when business was slow. He then had six other children and still pumps and hauls gravel today.
Charles’s second son John is the current Chairperson and owner of Beshaler Farms LLC. John graduated from Arnold high school in 1973 then graduated from UNL with a degree in agriculture in 1977. He then began maintaining the farming business with his father and Hired men. John married his wife, Mary, and had 3 children, Ashley, Alicia, and Evan. John is now a very influential person in the Arnold community.
John’s son, Evan, is now working at Beshaler Farms and will become the next owner of Beshaler farms when his father retires. Evan is currently an active member of the Arnold Community.

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