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There is a lonely house that lies east of Devil’s Den and west of Val Hunse home. Philip Kramer built the house out of sod. In 1901 he changed it to a concrete house. Today, the house still stands, but it is falling apart. There is a pipe where the stove was, two holes where the windows were, and a few tree branches where the bed was. The roof is still on the building and there are bed springs all over the place. There is an old milk can by the house too. The house has been standing since 1892. The house was built really strong. Kramer's House: This is the front of the house were Philip Kramer lived in. Philip grew up with two sisters, Grace and Margaret. Philip moved to Custer County after his ex-girlfriend kicked him out. Since this family was so close, his sisters often came down to Custer County to see him. Even though he has had some relationships, Philip Kramer remained a bachelor his entire life. Kramer owned 150 acres of land around his house. Many people around Arnold considered Philip Kramer to be odd – including his closest neighbor, John Faherty. Some of the reasons people consider Kramer strange include the fact that he never got married and went to town only on Sunday to attend the Catholic Church or for supplies. Kramer didn!=t have a wagon or car so he walked to town and carried his supplies back to his home. Kramer enjoyed time by himself though. He played a violin and had a dog that lived with him. The dog went with him everywhere according to Noreen Mills, a resident of Arnold that knows many stories about Kramer. Kramer was buried in Stapleton, Nebraska with his extended family. Today, Gary Mills owns the land that the house is on still. The land is used for grazing cattle and horses. The house just sits back amid the overgrown cedar trees as a lonely reminder of an odd life.

Cade O. (Sophomore, Class of 2007

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