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Rebekah M.

I started this project with a goal of trying to find the house that Mr. Fullhart lived in. It took a lot of work to find this spot because there were many contradictory article of where Mr. Fullharts house was located. The spot I did choose matched an old newspaper article from The Custer County Chief and part of the legal description of where the body was found. There was also evidence that a homestead, which resembled the one in Solomon Butchers photo, was there. There is a Solomon Butcher photo of the Fullhart house, but I could not get it posted on the internet. I found red and adobe bricks scattered around the area, a lot of broken glass, part of a foundation and many rusty metal objects. I think people should visit this spot because despite a windmill, a few fences, and a single dirt road, this location is found among rolling hills, open plains and a beautiful Nebraska sky. Also, if anyone is really interested, they could do some research themselves, and prove me wrong. Maybe they could find another location in close proximity to the one I already located. After all, many people did believe that there was a buried treasure on Fullharts land.

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