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Rebekah M.

November 21 or 22, 1900:  The dates that William Fullhart was estimated to have been killed on.

November 25, 1900:  William Fullhart found dead.

November 26, 1900:  Fullharts body was taken to Anselmo.

February 1901:  William Oxley, Mr. Fullharts hired hand, was placed on trial.

February 1901:  Oxley was found guilty and placed in the state penitentiary for 26 years.

1902:  Stillman P. Groat confessed on his deathbed to killing William Fullhart.

1902:  Oxley was released from the Nebraska State Prison in Lincoln.

Sixteen years later about 1917:  A wooden box was found on Fullharts land with the lid pried open. People suspected a buried treasure was dug up by an anonymous person who obviously knew where to look.

1917-2005:  Mr. Fullharts house has been demolished and records of him even existing are sparse.

2005:  I am uncovering the story of Mr. Fullharts murder so it is not completely forgotten in history.

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