Story of The House

On South Haskell St., you may see a house that you’ve passed by a million times, with your friends or family, not noticing the historical value that it holds. With it being the second oldest house in Arnold, and a place where two young people Chris and Eugene raise their two sweet children Dustin and Jami, it has a lot of history as well as a promising future. 

As we look back on this houses historical value, we can see many things that have changed and stayed the same. Ethel and Glenn Perkins and their three daughters lived in this home many years ago. They lived in one of the largest and fanciest houses and were considered very wealthy for that time for all three of their girls went to college. 

Although a lot has changed since that time some of it is much the same. The sunroom, which is still there today, was used, as an air-conditioner. It was so hot in the summer time that they just laid out in the room all day. The side walk east of the house led to a large step so when buggies pulled up to the front door of the house they could easily walk in the house and there was even a little center ring for the horses to stand in while they were inside. The porch, which was very large, extended from the east side to the south side , although there is only a portion still remaining. Guests could often be entertained there. In time, the room was taken out and another one was added where they held the alumni meetings. For the alumni meetings, they would put the pictures above the doors and windows on the trim, which is still there today. 

Glenn Perkins was one of the first bankers there in Arnold as a cashier, which was a very respectable job. 

Glenn Perkins: The man in this photograph is Glenn Perkins.  He was the cashier and soon-to-be vice president of the bank.  Andre's home was formerly owned and lived in by Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. 

In 1932 he worked his way up to being made vice president of the Arnold State Bank, but died in a car accident. The bank didn’t reopen; however a new bank, using the Arnold State name opened on September 15. After Glenn died, Ethel continued to live there. In time she sold all of the antiques that blessed her home for those many years.

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