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Myer House Timeline *January 17, 1887 Leander Jewitt purchased the lot and started construction. *April 13, 1887 Horace Waite purchases the house. *June 9, 1888 Leander Jewitt repurchases house. *November 23, 1896 Silas Burnam purchases the house. *March 21, 1903 James Caywood purchases the home. *1940 Ross Ely opens the “Ely Dairy’ at the house. *1950 Beulah Mae Ely opens fire on the “Ely Dairy” employees. *1960 House is owned by drug dealers and becomes really run down. *1972 Myers purchase the house and began remodeling. *1972 Myers move into the house when remodeling is near completion.





Outside of the House: Here is the house from the outside.

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