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A Little Over a Century

112-year-old home.

Ancient and beautiful.

Big red barn. Fireplace: This antique fireplace has a china hutch built into it.

Freshly painted.

Little fishpond.

Shimmering water.

Big mean rooster.

Clucks and crows.

Blue brick bract.

Near the roof.

Country kitchen.

Big and blue.

Walk in closets. Huge Doorway: The old fashion eight foot doorway.

Filled with linens.

Big old fireplace.

Amber glow.

Seven foot windows.

Streams of sunlight.

Eight foot doors.

Nearly untouchable.

Horsehair plaster.

Strong and sturdy.

Square nails.

Rarely seen.

Built in china hutch.

Antique plates.

Huge antique tub.

Warm bubbles.

Old white furnace.

Cold and hard.

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