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Every small town in America, and even some big towns, risk losing a little piece of history each time a long-standing citizen either moves away or passes away. We didn’t want to lose that history or those wonderful oral stories, legends, and facts. Not all of history is written down, some is passed down and that is what we hoped to capture with this web site.This project was designed to teach students about the history of the area that they live in. They also learn how to use a GPS and mapping software. These web pages are the results of this project.The classes would like to thank everybody who has helped in any way. We would really like to thank the people that the classes interviewed.
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For more information, comments on the web pages, or suggestions of other historic locations we could do next year, please contact Gerry Swingle, Debby Moninger (debby.moninger@arnoldpublicschools.org) or Nicole Badgley (nicole.badgley@arnoldpublicschools.org) the teachers involved in setting up this project. 

This project was partially supported by funding from the John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers at Mid Nebraska Community Foundation.

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